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The server will automatically generate an email to clients regarding their disk usage when certain criteria have been triggered. The triggers for the disk usage email are set at 80%, 85%, 90%, 93%, 95, 97%, 99% and finally 100% over disk usage quota.

The emails serve as a guide for clients to be aware of their disk usage and to take action before it becomes a problem or to investigate issues which may be responsible for higher disk usage.

If a clients disk usage reaches 100%, the client site will usually still be functional, however the email system for the account will not receive any emails and new files will not be able to be uploaded to the account.

An example of the Disk Usage Warning email is below.

The account with the username 'account name' (yourdomain.com.au), is running out of disk space.

Please remove some files from this account, or ask the administrator to increase your disk quota.

This account has used 80.00% (800.00/1000.00 MB) of its allocated disk space.

!! Do not respond to this message. Your reply will go nowhere. !!

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